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recordings from the kennedy white house released overnight. >>> and martha stewart facing a new lawsuit this morning. >>> plus, bottom's up at starbucks. the rollout of beer and wine. >> a >>> welcome back, everybody. there's a mixed economic outlook for 2012 from business economists. most expect the u.s. economy to show modest growth this year. that's a little better than last year. however, they don't think it will be enough to significantly reduce unemployment. only one-fourth expect hiring to actually pick up in the next six months. >>> we're learning just how angry bank of america customers were over the $5 debit card fee last fall. apparently they were really angry. the bank's ceo admits account closings jumped 20% in the fourth quarter alone. that's why the fee was dumped. consumer advocates say that should be a lesson to other banks as well. >>> overseas markets were up despite hitches in the greek debt talks. tokyo's nikkei average gained 19 points. hong kong's hang seng was closed for the lunar for the lunar new year. in london, the ftse opened higher. the dow slid 12 p
stewart has >>> and now, martha stewart has a new legal fight on her hands. macy's has filed suit against her houseware company, martha stewart living. for breach of contract. the issue? stewart's new deal to sell her product to jcpenney stores. macy's says it violates an exclusive deal macy's has to sell her products, including cookware and bath and bed items. martha stewart living has not commented on the litigation. >>> and that dramatic rescue in the mountains of washington state. some snowmobilers were making tracks in the deep, fresh powder, when they set off an avalanche. in just seconds, one of the men, you can see him there in the circle, was buried alive. fortunately, his friends knew exactly where he was. they rushed to dig him out. the man who was buried said later, he felt as if he was stuck in concrete. all these images from a camera one of the men had on his helmet. the man and the snowmobiler who was rescued will be guests tomorrow on "good morning america" right here on abc. >>> and the oscar nominations are in. two movies that celebrate the early days of filmmaking came
been confirmed dead. >>> this morning, martha stewart is facing some new legal trouble. cnbc's brian shactman is live with the story. good morning. >> reporter: joe, there's a little bats over martha stewart -- battle over martha stewart. macy's is suing martha stewart living for breach of contract. the department store says it has exclusive rights to sell martha stewart products. in december, the company sold a large stake to jc penni which plans to open martha stewa stewart-branded shops later this year. hence the problem that will play itself out in the court system. >>> starbucks selling coffee to help people get wound up for their day. now it wants to offer a day to wind down at the end of the day. it's expanding sales of beer and wine to a small number of cafes in atlanta and southern california. starbucks already sells alcohol along with expanded food items in seattle and portland, oregon, and plans to bring the items to chicago by the end of the year. the company doesn't plan to expand sales of alcohol nationwide. but it is hoping it will lead to more customers in the afterno
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the radiation would disrupt things like satellite communications. >>> the time is 4:36. at 4:41, martha stewart facing a lawsuit from macy's. >> a major internet company plans to track your every move. >> we're back with your weather first in just two minutes. keep it here. >> clear and chilly this morning. we're starting out in the 30s. even a few upper 20s up toward manassas. a few more clouds will show up. while we get to 45 or 46 early this afternoon, we'll pretty much stay there. winds not that bad. about five miles or so out of the west and northwest. i'll be back in five minutes telling when the rain is going to arrive. >> we'll take a look live at 66 inbound leaving centreville toward the fairfax county parkway. volumes are light on the fairfax county parkway in reston. a car, accident involving one vehicle with authorities on the scene. more coming up at 4:47. jessica? >> thank you, monika. the time is 4:39. it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. and here are the headlines. appearle had a blowout quarter, profits surged 118%. the company sold more than 37 million
ahead including martha stewart after your local news. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. let's get a final check of the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> we are waiting for delays to clear out but a lot of volume out there. jessop, 175, selma road, still clearing there. loch raven boulevard, a vehicle with entrapment there. j.f.x. is pretty much maxed out from the beltway. 22 miles per hour ron average from white marsh to the 895 split. 12 on the west side outer loop. exceptionally heavy approaching 795 down to edmondson. 29 minutes to get you through the outer loop stretch. if you apply to head out in the area of 95 towards the 83's, six minutes to get you through the stretch on the outer loop. you can see ever the traffic on the west side, making your way all the way to edmondson. we will switch over to a life of traffic in fort mchenry. saw and delays towards the harbor tunnel -- outbound delays towards the top harbor tunnel looks good in contrast. >> we have a little bit of high, in cloud cover to sta
naming rights. the jury could begin deliberations as early as today. >>> martha stewart has new legal troubles. macy's is suing martha stewart living omnimedia to block a deal with jcpenney's. they plan to open mini martha stewart shops inside stores beginning next year. in the lawsuit, macy'ss stewart is violating -- macy's says stewart is violating an exclusive pacts with the company to sell product at its stores. >>> who needs a bar when you have starbucks? the coffee cup trying to break into the nightlife scene. a small number of stores in atlanta and southern california plan to begin selling beer and wine by the end of the year. those locations will also get a menu upgrade with flatbreads and cheese plates. five stores in seattle and one in portland already offer alcohol. and several stores in chicago will get the upgrade later this year. of course, i guess an upgrade may be a matter of opinion. in that case. >> that's right. >>> today, hollywood is rolling out the red carpet to get ready for the announcement of the nominees for the 84th an due academy awards. >> the biggest sour
. macy's today sued martha stweart living omnimedia for breach of contract. it's upset over stewart recently signing a new deal to sell products at j.c. penney. macy's wants an injunction to stop that tie-up, claiming it has an exclusive right to make and sell certain martha stewart products. neither martha stewart living nor j.c. penney has commented. >> susie: with the presidential politics in full swing, revamping the tax code is sure to get lots of play. tonight's commentator welcomes the discussion. she's maya macguineas, president of the committee for a responsible federal budget. >> we are going to be hearing more about taxes in the coming months, and given that it's campaign season, much of what you hear will be more politics than good tax policy. that said, here is what i would like to hear: we are going to need more revenues. the government faces a huge fiscal hole, and as much as we need to cut spending, new revenues will have to be part of the solution. promises about not raising taxes are just not realistic and they stand in the way of fixing our huge fiscal mess. secon
's slapped martha stewart's company with a lawsuit. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning. >> president obama has his state of the union address tonight. the economy is front and center. special emphasis on the manufacturing industry. a poll says 56% of voters believed the government is hurting the economy. 44% are doubtful the next generation will be able to achieve the the so-called american dream. futures are quite this morning. stocks closed little changed -- futures are quite this morning. court documents show macy's has filed a complaint about stopping martha stewart limit about filing -- job cuts. workers hired during the holidays are being eliminated. sagging sales. jcpenney is with kickoff a two- day event. i'm jane king for wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. 5:23. 42 degrees on tv hill. do you remember this? so in love with you ♪ >> he sounded good. you cannot hear the president's rendition of that tune every day -- you can now. >> choosing a ring tone? how about president obama. at sang "let's stay together" the fund-raiser last week. people can download his rendi
martha stewart products in its store by j.c. penney announced plans to open martha stewart plans. starbucks is adding a beer and wine to a few of its shops by the end of the year. starbucks is experimenting with alcoholic beverages in a few locations in the pacific northwest. >> thank you. a solar storm is now making its way to earth. the flare erupted late sunday night and it is the most powerful in several years the weather prediction center says the storm is bombarding the planet with radiation. it could create a beautiful light display in the sky and disrupt the electrical grid. let's get a look at traffic and weather. adam caskey, you say we will probably not see those lights. if you have enough kahlua, you might see something. >> a little ajmeson in there. >> what's one more shot? >> the solar storms are a big deal on our satellite. any thing in orbit and the computers within the satellites it can disturb communications and gps. we watch them closely. let's take a look at the visibilities. only 3/10 of a mile in gaithersburg. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for part
in the company. macy's has filed suit against martha stewart living claiming it violated an exclusive arrangement by agreeing to sell the brand at rival jcpenney. incredibly, employees at disney theme parks will soon be allowed to grow beards and goatees for the first time ever. and if you just can't get enough of president obama's rendition of al green's "let's stay together" at the apollo last week, you're in luck. it's now a ring tone you can download from his website. you knew that was coming, didn't you? >>> coming up, the red wings fly. orlando has no magic. and partisan political division from a hockey goalie? >>> plus, the spurs and hornets battle down to the wire. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> and we don't have tornados in the forecast, but we also don't have any snow storms. your fraforecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports after last night's nba matchup between the celtics and the magic, the big question is, is boston that good or is orlando that bad? here's fred roggi
right, willard. thank you very much. just ahead, martha stewart with simple ingredients -- three to be exact >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> dealing with delays around big area. if you travel southbound 1295 and 195, another accident location. inner loop jammed up at the key bridge and the curtis creek drawbridge due to the inner loop construction pattern. outer loop two-way traffic pattern slowing folks down. hud backing up traffic on southbound 795. 16 on j.f.x. tapping the brakes and nate inner loop approaching j.f.x.. southbound 95, holding onto delays out of the white marsh area. quick live bag looked at traffic. white marsh area, you can see a slow towards the 895 split. baltimore national pike, west side delays remained in place. ava, over to you. >> we are talking temperatures at freezing, below it, or even above it. 29 at b.w.i. we have 32 right now in parkton. rain is pushing in from the west as our next storm system is on the wa
it's considered illegal. we can pay a penalty. martha stewart went to jail because of that. s.e.c. prohibits insider trading, the question is, why is this even necessary? >> members of congress want to clarify to the public that they aren't above the law. there are some experts saying that there hasn't been a member of congress that has gone to jail or prosecuted for insider trading. people are wondering, are they really accountable to the s.e.c.? this is basically the members saying, yes, we are accountable. >> we're talking with rachel bade covering this story for cq/roll call. by all accounts, the bill is expected to pass the senate. it then goes to the house. eric cantor said that this needs to apply to the executive branch as well. >> today he came out and said that he wants to expand a disclosure requirement included in the s.t.o.c.k. act zit would include congressmen and their staff to disclose on an online database within 30 days. right now the bill -- that closure bill only includes the bade, writes for cq/roll call, her work is available online. thank you for joining
filed suit against martha stewart living, claiming it violated an exclusive arrangement by agreeing to sell the brand at rival jcpenney's. employees at disney theme parks will soon be allowed to grow beards and goatees for the first time ever. if you just can't get enough of president obama's rendition of al green's "let's stay together" at the apollo last week, you're in luck. it's now a ring tone you can download from his website. only minorly awkward when it goes off. >>> the ring stones fly. orlando has no magic. and partisan political division from a hockey goalie. plus the spurs and who are nets battle down to the wire. you're watching "first look." someday, but not today mr. intern. today, your boss needs her caffeine. the boss that calls you nick. your name is nate. but you'll do whatever it takes to impress. you'll bring her the all-natural sugar in the raw and the all natural, zero calorie sweetener stevia in the raw. now run along and learn lots. like how she doesn't drink coffee, just tea. it's only natural. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, se
. >>> macy's is suing martha stewart's company. macy's claims the new deal violates its exclusive agreement to sell certain martha stewart living houseware products in its stores. >>> after experimenting with alcohol sales at six of its west coast stores, the coffee shop chain plans to sell beer and wine in as many as25 locations. starbucks is trying to appeal to a broader base, especially during the less busy afternoon and evening hours. for more, let's stay with cbs >>> major layoffs at a baltimore-based company. aai is laying off workers. it is a division of textron. the layoffs are in various positions and are throughout the company. aai says the cuts are due to a declining economy and fort efforts efforts to improve efficiency. >>> a 6-year-old boy makes a strange and very expensive discovery in the woods. he has found two trash bags full of jewelry, while roaming near his grandparents' home. at first, he thought it was a buried treasure. but police say they believe it was stolen fromhos in the area. police are now trying to get all of the jewelry back to its origina
ahead including martha stewart after your local news. >>> 8:26 is your time now on this wednesday, january 25, 2012. i'm eun yang. let's go to storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein for a look at the forecast for today. hoping for a repeat, tom. >> yeah. not quite as warm as yesterday, though. we are off to a cold start. many of the rural regions of west virginia, virginia, and maryland, are at or below freezing this morning. montgomery, arlington, prince george's counties, right near the freezing mark. 37 at reagan national. late mere the 40s. increasing clouds. cloudy tomorrow and rain developing mainly during the afternoon and evening and lingering into friday midday. then sun returns friday afternoon and in place saturday, cloudyi sunday. turning chillier. >> tom, thanks so [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the k
jurors access to twitter or the ability to tweet out. in martha stewart's -- martha stewart's trial she created a web site, very expensive web site about her daily doings to try to influence people's opinion in the case. >> it does tend to come out and you sometimes see people's uglier sides and that is part of the kind of, the beauty and difficulty of the web. but the loss of the supply and the web. people to break laws there. oftentimes they discover they are not as autonomous as they -- a anonymous as they thought they were. you leave your ip address behind is like leaving a fingerprint and people do defame another person or break into servers. oftentimes they do get tracked it down based on the fingerprints a look behind. >> let's jump to the next question. >> what i'm going to ask ties directly into that. where i work we call it the whole notion of security through security and if someone is looking to find you they generally can prove technical forensics and that is one thing but my question, to go to what kashmir was saying earlier about the distinction between what an employer m
reported a second consecutive loss at its investment bank last quarter. >>> macy's is suing martha stewart's company over a deal with rival retailer jcpenney. macy's claims the new deal violates its exclusive agreement to sell certain martha stewart living house ware products in its stores. no comment though from martha about this particular situation. >> she'll let her lawyers handle it. >> a drug often used to treat asthma in children could be doing more harm than good. >> a new study says chemicals found in every day products could impact the effectiveness of vaccines in some children. so i do qualify for that deduction. thanks, man! that's what i'm here for. ( palms slap ) man: do your simple return with the turbotax federal free edition, and now, get our free, one-on-one, expert tax advice, live by phone or chat. get the federal free edition, at >>> it is 5:39. we've got areas north and west with temperatures in the upper 20s. pretty decent for january. look at your day planner, except sunshine with a few more clouds as we get into the latter parts of the afternoon. this
's is blocking martha stewart claiming it has a contract with martha's living giving macy's specific rate to -- right to sell the products. it doesn't comment on legal matter. >>> coming up on the news edge at 6, almost a dozen armed robberies in one d.c. neighborhood. tonight, residents are voicing their concerns and we're going to hear what police are doing about it. >>> plus, the first phase of the dulles metro rail is taking shape. next, who delivered a big financial bost that is paving the way to get it done. t it do >>> if you're finishing for compliments today just might be your day. i'm beth parker. coming up, i will tell you why. . >> people in alabama are picking up the pieces after a devastating tornado struck through a community there. the storm destroyed dozens of homes and buildings. and here the latest on cleanup. >> reporter: the town of clay, alabama, outside of birmingham was hard hit by the tornados. dozens of structure, damaged or destroyed, trees knocked down and first responders did a good job of removing trees and other debris from the roads so that crews could get
have more ahead including martha stewart after your local news. >>> good wednesday morning to you. 8:26 right now. the 49er stadium is a go. in a heated city council meeting lasting late into the evening, leaders finally decided the new 49ers stadium will not be put back on the ballot for another vote. they said all finances were not disclosed until last month. the city council voted to reject that petition. >>> let's check the morning commute with mike. >> take a look out here where we had the earlier accident. just before we got off the air, the lanes were clear. but still very slow westbound 80 from hercules through berkley now. 680 and 24, some of those folks over there, because of the alternate route, that's heavily traveled to the bay bridge toll bridge. back to you. >>> for the latest traffic and news update, check out nbc bay area on facebook. i'll have an update for you in half an hour. have a great wednesday morning. the word is swapportunity. can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a se
on there. i'm not martha stewart. >> seven of them? >> yes, she's 7. colored pencils are utilities. we use them for everything. makeup, candles, toenail polish. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven -- she's 7, guys. not 8. >> so there's her cake. okay. let's call her. hi, my princess. i miss you. you should see your birthday cake. we've got pretend candles. they're purple, orange, white, pink, yellow, blue and red. they're colored pencils. i can't wait to see you on sunday. i miss you. i'm sorry i'm not there, okay? i'm not crying. mommy doesn't cry. i love you. yeah. bye. oh. it sucks. >> yeah, this is way good. >> but even the sweetest dessert does little to take the edge off life at maricopa. a jail designed in the vision of one man who is determined to make it the toughest jail in america. >> why is everybody afraid to say, when you do something wrong, you should be punished? >>> let's do this and get out of here. stay where you're at. >> you don't have no privacy. knock it off. >> go over to the table. >> carry on, ladies. carry on. put some clothes on. >> the special response team
the hallmark channel is replacing the martha stewart show with a new program hosted by singing and dancing veteran marie osmond. the show titled marie is set to debut in september. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  >>> an international crisis tonight involving a member of the president's cab in. egypt band the u.s. transportation secretary's son from -- banned the u.s. transportation secretary's son from leaving that sunday following their campaign against pro democracy groups. reporter: egypt bard several americans including the son of transportation secretary ray lahood from leaving the country. sam lahood, the head of the international republican group in egypt was stopped by immigration officials saturday at the airport. >> they are currently not allowed to depart egypt in connection with the government's investigation of ngos. reporter: secretary lahood commenting on the situation. >> i'm very pratt tied by all the work that's going on -- gratified
for it. >> scary stuff. >> certainly is. >>> is domestic diva martha stewart hanging up her apron? >> we're checking your weather and traffic coming up next. xt. we're back after this.  when you first find out you have breast cancer, you feel like you're in a nightmare. terrified. horrified with the news. when i was diagnosed, i felt very out of control and very helpless and a victim of the disease. i was just so overwhelmed, and, um, my heart just started to race. helpless but never hopeless. (woman) and i can actually do something to help. (woman) and this is something we can do. (man) we can walk. (woman) we can walk. (man) if our wives and daughters, our sisters and mothers can go through breast cancer... we can walk 60 miles. 60 miles. we can erase breast cancer. (woman) 60 miles in 3 days. i can do that, and even 60 miles isn't enough. i believe that we can rid the world of this terrible disease. we can do this. we can all do this together. we can do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee, because everyone deserves a lifeti
right, willard. thank you very much. just ahead, martha stewart with simple ingredients -- >>> let's go right to tom kierein with your forecast. >> temperatures are now just beginning to get above freezing throughout much of northern virginia, maryland, district of columbia and by the bay. there are a few pockets it is still in the 20s across parts of northern virginia and into west virginia. the precipitation, you are going get closer to us from near fredericksburg to charlottesville. sprinkles of light rain. there may be a little bit of icing that way. over the next hour or so. rain arriving in the metro area around noontime and continuing into the evening. >> thank you, tom. traffic skoming up next. stay with us. beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ femalennouncer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole g
one of martha stewart's old turkey basters. >> i mustn't mention mel gibson this year. not his private life, his politics, his recent films, and especially not jodie foster's beaver. i haven't seen it myself. i've spoken to a lot of guys here. they haven't seen it either. but that doesn't mean it's not any good. >> those are some of his highlights from the night. he was pretty good, i thought. not bad. takes those punches. i like a little of that fearless humor. >> they wanted him to tone it down. he did. but still a toned down ricky gervais is a funny ricky gervais. >> a few f bombs. made fun of the network, the people you would have expected him to. >> oscar february 26th. >> that's right. the real fancy awards show. we'll be back. s right. the real fancy awards show. we'll be back. ♪ i'm like a bird ♪ i'm like a bird ♪ i only fly away ♪ i don't know where my soul is ♪ ♪ i don't know where my home is ♪ >>> ah, ah. like a bird. you know? that was my bird. >> are you really going to fly away? >> maybe. >> finally this half hour, come on -- >> boom. >> time for our favorit
an older not allowing jurors to access to twitter or, you know, the ability to tweak out. martha stewart struck him she immediately a website, no, very, very expensive website about her daily doings, try to influence people's opinion in the case. >> i think it does come up, and you sometimes the people, uglier side, and that's part of the beauty and difficulty of the web. but, you know, the fly and the weather and what people do break laws come oftentimes they discovered they are not as anonymous as they thought they were. i mean, our activities are tracked. you leave your ip address to it's like leaving a fingerprint. and so when people do defend another person, or break into servers, oftentimes they do get tracked down based on the finger prints they left behind. if let's jump to the next question. i notice you had your hand up a whopper. >> what i'm going to ask ties directly into the before i work recall that the whole notion of security -- if so it is kind of funny they generally can. but my question though, to what jennifer was saying earlier about sort of the distinction between w
up. in fact, it was really told i needed to have a martha stewart moment. i would learn whenever there was a decision to be made between a multinational company and the health of people, almost always the decision is made in favor of the corporation. a little bit about of who i am and my background. growing gap in detroit michigan, the civil-rights movement and said these rate motown revolution was my backdrop. when i was really good my mom would take me to the reverend franklin church to hear or wreath of saying in her daddy's choir. said emmett till murder shocked my community in my grandfather ran a friend tom send worked with other ministers welcoming martin luther king, jr. for the first visitation of the "i have a dream" speech. my grandmother was of member of the market scarf the back to africa movement and she fought the kkk and her small southern town. my granny kept a shotgun right by her front door a 00 shotgun. a i used to times would visit her in the summer, why do you have a shotgun? right by your front door? and mike greenwood look at me and put her hands on her hi
right, willard. thank you very much. just ahead, martha stewart with simple i >>> good morning. 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a man arrested in a deadly september crime spree will answer to those charges today. he is accused of carjacking and killing 60-year-old cindy nguyen, a popular radio talk show host. castillo is a three-strikes candidate and could face the death penalty if convicted. let's check in with mike. >>> slow if you're heading down through 680 out of pleasanton through sunol. the earlier accident, chp has cleared the scene. the backup has not. good amount of slowing headed past the earlier accident. now slowing southbound l880 through fremont. that has cleared out in the south bay and vicinity. interchange northbound 880 at 17. the accident -- sorry, 280 at 17. accident there clearing to the shoulder. still a good amount of slowing in the interchange. oakland, slow northbound 880 past the coliseum. and 580, that's also got an accident at seminary through oakland. you'll see some slowing there as well, laura. >> tough commute. we'll check it again in our
-- then you go back to the martha stewart case and she did not go to prison. it is like people are threatened by a successful, influential women. host: martha stewart went to prison because she was convicted of lying under oath. caller: why not clinton? host: good call. guest: women are held to a higher degree of scrutiny, and women perceive that. a lot of women have been very successful under this heightened degree of scrutiny which is why they are able to win elections. the one thing that i would add though is when we ask people if they ever consider running for office, we were not only talking about the senate or the house races. we were also talking about the school board or city council. those would be racism that would receive a lot less scrutiny, a far less degree of a loss of privacy and an easier campaign and varmint. even in those examples, women were less likely than men to run. host: we have a chart for our viewers to look at for specific offices, local or community office. women are recruited at the rate of 18% and men at 21%. city council for women, 16%, 22% for men. guest: thos
impregnated a girl is if he borrowed one of martha stewart's turkey basters. and he even ripped on nbc who -- >> he had a good opening line. >> the golden globes are to the oscars what kim kardashian is to cate middleton. what? >> he said tonight you get britain's biggest comedian hosting the world's second biggest awards show on america's third biggest network. >> oh. >> sorry, fourth. >> ricky was brutal. but some say this was toned down. he did drop a few f bombs last night. obviously they bleeped that. the whole thing was on a seven-second delay. even meryl streep dropped an s bomb. >> people tune in they want to see him -- >> they have these big famous tv, they put them on tv, you see the champagne at the tables and the wine. people get loose and that's kind of what i like about the globes. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm like a bird ♪ i only fly away ♪ i don't know where my soul is ♪ ♪ i don't know where my home is ♪ >>> ah, ah. like a bird. you know? that was my bird. >> are you really going to fly away? >> maybe. >> finally this half hour, come on -- >> boom. >> time for our
is kind of like martha stewart living for jihadists. inspirational and how to guide, providing recipes for building bombs with household items. according to court adopts the a copy was found in the motel room of the has sure abdu accused in july of plotting a second massacre at fort hood, texas. it it shows it is getting. i personally toured the gitmo library twice. this video is from the recent trip in july of 2010. we learned most popular titles include, "harry potter", agatha christie and sherlock holmes and "twilight" series about vampires. the military police officer at that time asked us not to show his face or used his name explained the reading material is vetted thoroughly. >> often times we try and redact or color over something that might be offensive but they also do. they will find it and they will, they will black it out which is great. we, have no problem with that. >> reporter: military spokesmen could not immediately explain how inspire got into the camps and who exactly read it but it clearly raises questions about the security for the remaining 171 detainees managed
channel is canceling the martha stewart show. re-runs will air until the summer. in the past it was a star in the cable network. it earned two daytime emmy awards in the first two seasons, but recently the ratings for the show have dropped. stewart fans, though, you don't have to worry, the lifestyle experts to the hallmark channel are already in talks of developing a new program. >>> outraged in indonesia, sparks an unusual national protest. a police station in jakarta overwhelmed with people dumping flip-flops over the brutal treatment of a teenager. joining me is nadia with details. dumping flip-flops. what's the significance? >> the significance of the flip-flops is this week a 15-year-old boy was sentenced to a five-year term for doing, what? for allegedly stealing some flip-flops from an officer. now, he stole them last year, when he was only 14. and he only admitted to doing it after he was severely beaten. and then this week got the sentence of five years. so the national commission for the protection of children has arranged a protest by dumping flip-flops in front of police stati
&p is down 3. >>> macy's may take martha stewart to court. the department is suing her in the bid to block a licensing deal with j.c. penney. the lawsuit claims macy's has an exclusive contract with stewart to sell her products. j.c. penney bought a stake in her company and know united statessed -- announced they will be selling her merchandise in their stores beginning next month. >>> 8:45. texas bomb squad gave the all- clear in the tenderloin district. the police closed streets outside of the federal building for two hours this morning after finding a suspicious package. it turned out to be harmless. the streets reopened a short time ago. >>> president obama will deliver his annual state of the union address tonight. the white house says the president will announce a new blueprint for the economy. >>> and san francisco police are still investigating an attack on a young tourist near fisherman's wharf. lorraine blanco has been at the scene all morning and is back with what we know about the victim. >> reporter: we're told that the young woman is expected to be okay thanks to some visuals
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